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Enhanced Care Coverage

ICBC is switching to a care-based insurance model on May 1st, 2021. What does this mean for you? We have answered the most commonly asked questions below. Visit for more information.

Will this change save me money?

If you have full coverage with ICBC (Basic + Optional), you should see savings of about 20%. If you just have Basic coverage with ICBC, you should see savings of about 10-15%.

What happens if I get into a crash? What do these changes mean in terms of my coverage?

If you are NOT at fault for the crash – Instead of being covered by the other person’s third-party liability, you will be covered by your own coverage.Your Basic Vehicle Damage coverage will cover you up to $200,000 for repairs or replacement of your vehicle. This will NOT impact your discount or premium.

If you ARE at fault for the crash – The cost to repair or replace your vehicle will be your responsibility. If you have Collision coverage, you can pay your deductible and the rest of the cost will be covered.

If you are 50% responsible for the crash – Your Basic Vehicle Damage coverage will pay for half of your vehicle repairs. The other half will be covered by your Collision coverage, or will be from your own pocket if you don’t carry Collision.

Why is ICBC removing the option to sue other drivers? 

Currently, legal fees make up a large portion of the cost of insurance in BC – over 1 billion dollars each year. By removing the option to sue, ICBC can lower insurance rates for everyone.However, there are still some cases where you will be allowed to sue when involved in an accident:

–At-fault driver was breaking the law in some way when crash occurred (e.g. drunk driver)

–If a crash occurs in a litigated environment (e.g. USA)

–If a party other than the driver was responsible in some way for the crash (e.g. car manufacturer)

–If there was damage to personal property (e.g. a building or a fence)

We hope we were able to answer some of the most pressing questions you might have in this period of change. For more information, visit

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